Getting Started

Seligman Orthodontics

Your First Visit

The initial examination is a fact finding mission. At this appointment we will introduce you to our staff, provide you with a tour of our office and introduce you to Doctor Seligman. We will then gather the necessary personal information and preliminary clinical information required for the doctor to make a clinical recommendation.

The Orthodontic Proccess

The orthodontic process begins with your initial visit to our office. We will start by asking you to fill out your patient information and health history forms either in-person during your visit or online before your appointment.
The Full Process

The Orthodontic Process

You will then be introduced to our Treatment Coordinator who will proceed to give you a tour of our office. Preliminary records will then be taken. The set of records can include a panoramic and cephalometric x-ray or a 3-dimensional cone beam CAT scan. Dr. Seligman has the latest equipment which can take either type of image, conventional x-rays, OR a 3-dimensional CAT scan. He is one of the only doctors on Park Avenue and in New York who can offer this “hybrid” option to his patients. In some cases, it is not necessary to take a full head CAT scan of the patient and it is wonderful to be able to offer options with less radiation exposure when possible. It is always our goal to ensure that every patient is exposed only to the necessary levels of radiation to make a diagnosis. Clinical photos will always be taken. On occasion, impressions are also taken if they are necessary to make an accurate diagnosis but this is rare.

Next, our treatment coordinator will address any questions and concerns you may have at this stage of the process. Our coordinator will take detailed notes for Dr. Seligman so he will have all of the information needed to provide a detailed explanation of your diagnosis.

Next, we will play an educational video that explains the advantages of the Damon System and how it can benefit you. The Damon System is a revolutionary bracket system that can achieve impressive results in less time than with traditional bracket systems.

Dr. Seligman will then meet with you to discuss your diagnosis, address any additional questions and concerns, and make his recommendations for your treatment plan.

Dr. Seligman uses ScreenPlay, a sophisticated presentation application that can record the entire presentation including actual records, findings, recommendations, educational animations, office forms, and educational videos and email it to you or burn it to a disk for future review. You can revisit your clinical information on our website under the Case Presentation Section. Click here to be redirected to that area of our site.

Patient Forms

If it is more convenient, we ask that you complete your patient information and health history forms on our website and submit them on-line. We will explain the orthodontic process, present you with a video which demonstrates the various steps of evaluation and record taking. On occasion it is important to begin by taking diagnostic study models, however with newer technology that is being used today and the adjunct of 3-dimensional imaging it is becoming less and less the standard that we need to take impressions at the very first visit. Almost every patient is thrilled when we let them know this.

Financial and Insurance

Each insurance policy offers a different benefit, however, most orthodontic insurance has a lifetime maximum benefit for orthodontic services. This benefit is typically paid as a percentage of the total orthodontic fee until the benefit maximum is reached. At Seligman Orthodontics, we do not accept insurance benefits as a method of payment. However, we are happy to verify your benefit and assist you with the filing and reimbursement process. We will go over this policy and discuss your individual case at your consultation.

Scheduled Appointments

For our younger patients, after school appointments are always a top request. We try our best to accommodate your busy schedule; however certain appointments such as new patient starts and braces removal have to be scheduled during hours that allow you to have the most time with the doctor and assistants. We also offer select evening hours to accommodate our adult and busy adolescent patients. We always try our very best to work with your schedule whenever possible.

Running behind schedule?

We understand that life happens, we just ask that you notify us as soon as possible if you are going to be late. If you miss more than half of your appointment time, we will re schedule the visit to maintain our high-quality level of care. We do our best to accommodate late arrivals, but you will be asked to be patient.

Visit Duration

The typical time spent at our office will vary depending on the type of appointment. Below are some examples for your reference:
  • Initial examination: 1-1½ hours
  • Records, if not a part of the initial visit: 30-45 minutes
  • Consultation if not part of the initial visit: 30 minutes
  • Bonding: 1½ hours
  • Adjustments: 15-45 minutes

Orthodontic Emergencies

If you experience an orthodontic emergency during office hours, simply call our office and a staff member will determine the best action to take. If you experience an emergency outside of our office hours, call the office and you will be directed to the after-hours answering service. The answering service will then contact a staff member who will return your call and determine the best course of action.

Fortunately, there are few true orthodontic emergencies. Most emergencies can be resolved on your own at least temporarily. We encourage you to watch our video on Orthodontic Emergencies here on our website. If your problem is not resolved with these instructions then call our office immediately for further instructions.

We will always do our best to find a solution to your emergency as soon as possible. If you experience an emergency, we ask that you call our office immediately. Our staff can instruct you on a temporary solution or prepare the doctor’s schedule to have you come in as soon as possible depending on the case.